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-Transfers $21 Cash Purchase or $23 Credit/Debit Purchase

-Firearm Shipping within the Continental U.S. starting at $35 for Hand Guns, $45 for Long Guns, total cost will vary depending on the amount of Insurance Requested

Transfer Process

Once you have purchased your firearm from an online dealer, they will require a copy of our FFL to ship the firearm to us (some online dealers/retailers will already have this information).

You will need the dealer/retailers contact information such as email, fax, or phone number, your purchase order number or item number if applicable and a good number to reach YOU. Once you have this information, call us at (352) 693-5880. We will take down this information, send the FFL if required, and then call you once your shipment comes in. 

Once your shipment arrives we will call you in to complete your background check. You will inspect the firearm(s) and once satisfied, we will run the check. If you have questions about this process, please do not hesitate to call us!